I grew up in the muddy coastal Maine woods and I haven't strayed that far from where I began. I still spend all my time playing with mud.  But now, I get to call it work!  The things I make are inspired by my love of the materials I work with- sometimes clay, sometimes paper, sometimes whatever is handy, always curiosity and imagination.  


Mishima is the technique I use to achieve fine blue lines on the surface of my pots.  I start with a new pot, fresh off the wheel.  Using a needle tool I inscribe my drawings directly into the surface of the clay. A thin layer of blue glaze is then applied to the lines and scraped or wiped off the surface, leaving only the delicate line trapped in the clay.  After the piece is fired an additional layer of clear glaze is applied over the top.  This means that the drawings on my pots are similar to tattoos- they are embedded in the clay and will never fade or change, even after years of loving use!


I studied studio art at Bard College, the Glasgow School of Art and Teachers College Columbia University. While at Teachers College I started working in clay- a medium I was introduced to in high school by my art teacher and an amazing artist, Simon van der Ven.  In 2012 I decided to take a clay workshop at the beautiful Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and my life was forever changed. That fall I got set up in a fabulous studio, Byrdie's, in New Orleans and started making things out of clay full time. I teach art to elementary and middle school students and teach evening clay classes out of the studio. I lived and worked in New Orleans for a little over a decade and have recently returned to my hometown in coastal Maine! 

I love to make things. I will make things for you.

© 2012 by Miki Glasser

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